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Generic talks
Programmable LogicHistory of FPGA's CPLD and stuff 
Stack Over FlowWhen declaring memory goes wrong.Page under development
Real Time Digital Signal ProcessingMethods to do itPlanned
Multi channel sampling using microcontrollersPlanned
Radio technology
Schumann resonance receiverArduino based Schumann resonance receiver 
TACAN SimulatorMicro controller based TACAN simulator 
Huff and Puff StabilisorVFO stabililisation using an CPLD 
SAQ SDRA microcontroller based SDR receiver for the Swedish SAQ transmitter. 
Phase Lock SSBSingle Sideband without nasty radio interference 
USB versus LSBWhy HAM radio uses both USB and LSB 
Hyperbolic Navigation
Hyperbolic navigationHistoric hyperbolic navigation systems 
LoRaNExperiments with old LoRaN A and C equipmentPage under development
DECCAExperiments with old DECCA equipmentPage under development
DECCA PlottersGetting DECCA Type 331 and Type 961 position loggers to work 
OmegaExperiments with the Omega systemPlanned