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About this site

About this site
After having a popular website for many years this one came to a some years ago.
Having done many niche and odd projects i decided to create a new website
documenting these projects.

The main difference is that it's now all in the English language rather than Dutch my home and native language,
which is more common for those interested in technology.

also you will notice this site is anything but a demonstration of high grade web-design.
I'm not a web-designer not do i have the slightest interest in web-design.
The whole site is generated automatically from plain text files using a Perl script with limited capabilities that i created to suit my needs and eliminating the need of maintaining a content management system.
My friend Joyce kindly helped me with fixing the style-sheet.

About me
Apart from other capabilities i do have a extensive technical skill-set.
One of my specialities is developing high tech proof of concepts in the Digital, Analog, Software and Firmware domain.
A descent engineer will be able to spot the real challenges demonstrated in my experiments.

You can contact me on the address below